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Arif Patel Dubai reveals the ways a Batsman Can Get Out…

Getting OutExplanation
CaughtBatsman hits the ball with the bat and a fielder catches it without touching the ground.
BowledIf the bowler’s delivery hits the stumps and the bails are dislodged, then the batsman is out.
Run OutIf a fielder hits the stumps with the ball and the batsman is not able to complete the run, the batsman is out.
StumpedThis is similar to a run out. The difference is that the wicket-keeper removes the bail when a batsman moves forward to hit the ball and misses it.
Leg Before Wicket/LBWIf the bowl touches any part of the legs, then it is LBW. The ball should also be pitched in line and within the height of the stumps to be judged as LBW.
Obstructing the fieldThis is very rare. If a batsman is obstructing the field (by action or words), they can be ruled as out.
Hit WicketThis comes in effect when a batsman dislodges his own stumps, knowingly or unknowingly.
Hitting the Ball TwiceIf a batsman hits the ball twice, they are out.
Handled the BallIf a batsman touches the bowl with their hands, they are out.
Retired HurtIf a batsman gets injured in the process of his play, they are retired out. A batsman can resume the innings if he feels better but only with the consent of the other team’s captain.
Timed OutA batsman should arrive at the crease within 3 minutes after the departure of his partner. Otherwise, they are timed out.
Arif Patel Dubai Office
Arif Patel Dubai Office

Fielding: The team that is bowling is also responsible for fielding the ground to prevent runs from getting scored. Most successful teams will have excellent fielders. For example, the South African international team is great as a fielding unit.

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Spread the field on all sides and don’t stand at the position near the batsman. Standing nearby without a helmet can be extremely dangerous. Don’t try to fly and catch the ball. You will likely injure yourself. Try to judge the ball and then field it. To be a great fielder, always keep your eye on the ball.

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