How To Play The Cover Drive – Arif Patel Dubai

How To Play The Cover Drive – Arif Patel Dubai

In my opinion the cover drive is one of the most beautiful sights in cricket. When you see it played perfectly, you know you are watching a batsman that is fully in control of many different parts of their game. To play the cover drive consistently well, you will need to display precise foot movement, good head position, a smooth swing of the bat and have a good sense of timing. The follow through is also important!

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In this post I am going to give you a lot of technical information that you can use to improve how you play the cover drive. I’ll also share a few simple drills that I’ve used in the past! In addition to all of that, I’ll also mention some things that you have to watch out for when playing the shot. The cover drive is one of the most attractive and rewarding shots, but depending on the situation it can also be one of the most dangerous for the batsman to play!

First, let me take you through what this shot actually looks like and where you should be trying to hit it

What Is The Cover Drive?

The cover drive is an attacking shot that can be played on the front or the back foot, and it is most effective when it is played against deliveries that just outside the line of off stump. This line is often referred to as a 4th, 5th or 6th stump line. The choice of whether to play a front foot cover drive or a back foot cover drive depends on the length of the ball that you receive. Deliveries that are ‘back of a length’. will require you to play off the back foot. Deliveries that bounce a lot closer to you (referred to as full length deliveries) will require you to step forward and play the front foot cover drive.

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