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Arif Patel Sports and Athletics Club Inauguration

The inauguration of the Arif Patel Sports and Athletics Club was held on 16th August, 2019 at Dubai Investments Park, Dubai, UAE. The chief guest for the function was President and Secretary General of the Arab Athletics Federation with President Ahmad Al Kamali. Dr. Arif Umarji Patel, Director, APSA presided over the function. The Arif Patel Sports Club was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp.
In the speech, the chief guest asked the students to focus more on playing various sports. He explained the benefits of playing sports, how it helps to stay fit both mentally and physically.

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He further told how this generation youth is deviating themselves to internet based games rather than playing actual indoor and outdoor sports. He requested the students to participate in one or more sports activities.

It is said that any statement delivered should always be backed up by data that supports it. Taking this into consideration, The chief guest  gave examples of his life experiences. He explained how much hard work it took for him to reach the position he is in. He asked the management students to take up the initiative to visit a few educational institutions in the backward region and support and encourage them in whatever way possible. He said talent is attained from practice and not by birth.

So Supporting at a very young age can nurture the talent and will encourage them to build a career for them in that domain. Prof. Suraj Francis Noronha, Sports Advisor and Assistant Professor, ASPA delivered the keynote address and explained the importance of sports in various aspects of life. Mr. Narayana Prabhu administered the oath for the newly elected office bearers of the club. Ms. Josna Alvares, Executive member, Arif Patel Sports & Athletics club, introduced the Chief Guest.

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Dr. Arif Patel took the pleasure to add on to what Ahmad Al Kamali said. He spoke about constrains this generation youths face with regard to involving themselves in a sporting activity. He said time is a crucial element. He took up the example of ASPA. He said, it is majorly time that is not allowing students to involve themselves in sports or other activities.

To overcome this he has come up with ideas which will reduce the burden from the students. He wants all the learning about the subject to happen within the classroom so that the students have time to involve themselves into various other activities after their class hours. He concluded by saying that he would like to see students spending more time in the Playground than spending time in the institution premises.

Mr. John – Secretary, Arif Patel Sports & Athletics Club delivered the vote of thanks.
The chief guest Ahmad Al Kamali inaugurated the new Snooker / Pool Table The inaugural function and inauguration of Snooker / Pool Table was followed by various activities for the students of ASPA with a Theme “BACK IN TIME”. All those activities were included which reminded the students about their school time.

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All the members, including the office bearers of Arif Patel Sports & Athletics Club were present for the function. The invocation was led by Mr. Jabir and welcome speech was delivered by Ms. Anupama Bhatt, Joint-Secretary. The various games like Lemon and Spoon Race, Book Balancing, Three Legged Race, Frog race & Sack-Race were organised and the students enthusiastically participated in the same. 

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