Arif Patel from UK teaches us bowling basics:


The fielding team will bowl the overs and try to restrict the batting team from scoring. In international cricket, there are 90 overs that should be bowled in a day for a five-day match. A one day match has 50 overs per inning while a T20 match has 20 overs.

An over is a collection of deliveries that a bowler bowls. An over is completed when a bowler bowls six legal deliveries. If a bowler bowls a wide or a no ball, it is counted as an extra and it has to be re-bowled.

As a bowler, you’ll have to get wickets. This means that your job is to get the batsman out. There are several ways a batsman can be out, which will be discussed further below.

When you are starting out, you don’t have to play a match of 40-50 overs. You should start with less; a match with seven overs is a good starting point. You can finish the match within 30 minutes. With these rules, you can play more games and each player on the team will get adequate time to experience various aspects of the sport, such as batting and bowling.

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